Sunday, March 06, 2011

Charlie Sheen Unplugged

The slow motion train wreck that is Charlie Sheen got even worse.  Saturday night he hosted a "webcast" of what he called Sheen's Korner.  As one commenter put it perhaps it should be called Sheen's Coroner.

Sheen rambled without making any sense for an hour and showed off his new tattoo.  Across his left wrist is the word, "Winning".  If his life is winning, I would hate to see what losing is.

Sheen and his cast of misfits, who I can only assume are paid staff and "buddies" who have attached themselves to him made fart sounds, laughed at non-jokes and generally looked like a room full of people who would much rather be boozing it up than talking on the internet. 

As Craig Ferguson noted, in England there used to be a mental asylum called Bedlam where for a penny you could peep through holes at the insane people inside.  Well Charlie Sheen is giving it away for free.

It's a sad journey he is on and he has decided to let the whole world watch as he self-destructs.  Having been around a whole lot more addicts and drunks that I would have ever imagined, I can tell you he is in a manic "dry-drunk" phase if he has indeed stopped drinking. The anger, megalomania and blather coming from him is a dead give away.  He is in trouble and I sincerely hope he can get help before it's too late.

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