Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Creeping Threat of Sharia Law" - Louie Gohmert

Rep Louie Gohmert - Sharia Hunter!
So in another case of political theater, much like the bogus repeal of health care reform, we have Louie Gohmert, a Texas Representative, a Republican and a certifiable idiot.  Not to be outdone by Oklahoma, Gohmert wants hearing in the House on the "creeping threat of Sharia law".  In November, Oklahoma became the first state to ban the threat of Sharia law, though no cases exist where it has been used as precedence and it has no legal standing in the US or any state.

Gohmert is using the new found strength of the GOP in the House to waste taxpayer money and valuable legislative time by holding hearings on non-existent threats.  Way to go Louie!

Next he will want to have hearings on the insidious pollution of our precious bodily fluids.  Life is imitating art.

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