Thursday, June 17, 2010

GM Says - No Summer Shutdown!

Well I guess I wasn't the only American ready to buy a new car this year.  General Motors has decided to forgo its usual summer furlough and keep the plants open.  This is great news for the auto giant that was on the brink of bankruptcy last year until Obama and the Democrats bailed them out.  Good move!

I would like to think I helped.  I bought a brand new Chevy ( I will not use Cheverolet) Equinox and it's a dandy car.  Incredible warranty and it gets an average of over 25 miles to the gallon.  Not a hybrid either.  I was tempted to get a hybrid, but the cost to savings was just not there for an SUV.  Still much better mileage than my old Dodge Durango....12mpg on a good day.  Of course it was 10 years old, too.

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