Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Atlanta Police Sued By Eagle Patrons

Lambda Legal is representing 19 individuals in a lawsuit over the police raid on the Atlanta Eagle. From an interview in OnTop Magazine, Greg Nevins, supervising senior staff attorney in Lambda Legal's Southern Regional Office made this statement:

“The illegal activity going on in the Atlanta Eagle that night was committed by the APD (Atlanta Police Department).... If it is APD procedure for elderly men and wounded veterans to be thrown to the floor and harassed simply for being in a bar having a drink after work, then the APD should change its procedure."
During the raid, no one was allowed to leave the building and police forced 62 patrons to lay prone on the floor while they collected IDs. Anyone questioning their activity was told, “Don't speak until spoken to” or “Shut up.”

Maybe the patrons of the Rainbow Lounge should take note? The Fort Worth Police and TABC have clearly covered up their tracks with their lame investigations that found no wrongdoing, yet one of the men they detained was sent to the hospital with a brain injury. Where is the outrage?

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