Monday, September 21, 2009

Lingerie Football! Sign Of The End Times?

Just when I thought I had seen every cheesy exploitation trick in the book along comes Lingerie Football! Yup, you heard me, Lingerie Football, and no it isn't a bunch of guys in camisoles. This is a team of buff, tanned, fitness model women in sports bras and trunks with garters and a few other frillies and football pads. Silly, oh heck yes.

Now do I think this is degrading to women? Pretty much as degrading as it is to the men who watch it. You see I have watched men looking at these kinds of "tease" gimmicks and it's really hard to tell who is being used. Yes the pretty girls are being objectified and quite frankly made to look ridiculous, but the men watching might as well be drooling. Both the watcher and watched get an equal dose of degradation.

So, though society hasn't come to an end, I have to wonder if this isn't a sign of the end times.

So to my feminist friends, get your pens out and start writing letters and to my straight make friends, here is the link. Oh, and to my lesbian buddies, that same link will work for you too.

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