Monday, September 21, 2009

Dallas Gay Pride Parade A Hit!

It was the largest crowd I can remember for this year's Alan Ross Freedom Parade, (aka, Dallas Gay Pride Parade). Cheering parade watchers lined Cedar Springs from the corner of Wycliff all the way to Turtle Creek and then up that street to Lee Park. Estimates put the crowd at 40,000+!

The thousands of p[eople included lots of LGBT Dallasites as well as a whole lot of straight folks and families. It was really nice to see so many people enjoying the event. Only 5 protesters stood at the corner of Hall and Turtle Creed shouting through bullhorns, but largely drowned out by cheering well-wishers.

Additionally, it was nice to see all but one City Council member riding in the parade as well as the Police Chief and Sheriff, who was one of the Grand Marshals. Luminaries were in abundance including activist Cleve Jones and author Larry Kramer.

Once again the weather was great, but muggy. That was the only challenge for those of us wearing leather.

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