Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stonewall Democrats Pull Out of DNC Gay Fundraiser In Protest!

Well the Stonewall Democrats certainly have shown they have a pair! They have pulled out of the DNC fundraiser next week along with a host of other gay luminaries and groups. All this is in response to the DOJ brief that the Obama administration filed in defense of DOMA.

Here is a clip of the Stonewall response from Ben Smith's blog:
The members of the Board and our membership put our hopes, our dollars and our time into ensuring the election of Barack Obama because we believed that he supported us. To now have his Administration refer to our relationships in the same terms used by our long time enemies such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and James Dobson hurts on so many levels. To have our committed and loving relationships referred to as the moral equivalent of incest and pedophilia is not something that any of us ever expected from this Administration considering how hard we worked to be seen and respected. For that reason alone, advocating for attendance at a fundraiser to support the Administration and the DNC, while they have not condemned this hurtful language, is not something our membership will receive positively.

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