Monday, March 16, 2009

Steele Will Limit His Media Exposure...Forever?

The long slow descent of Michael Steele continues. Word comes now that he will curtail his media appearances for a while...meaning he will quietly fade away.

The Washington Post says that Steele will take some time off from his media appearance to work on the "nuts and bolts" of the party. I suspect nest will be his taking time away to "spend more time with his family". That is GOP doublespeak for getting canned!

Steele has made one gaff after another with the "base" of the Republican Party. I suspect most are not happy to see a diverse face on the GOP. The base of the party knows what it is and Steele is not even close.

The illusion that the GOP is a "big Tent" faded a log time ago and to try to continue that by adding a few minorities in places of prominence is a side show, not the main event.

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