Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chicago GOP Chair Caught With Prostitutes! But Wait, There's More!

Sometimes real life is much better than fiction. Even the writers of Desperate Housewives couldn't top this juicy tidbit.

Cook County Republican Chairman Gary Skoien, (thank God it's a Republican this time) was beaten by his wife. Now spousal abuse is never a good thing and I condemn it, but you have to admit, this one might bring a grin to you. Seems, according to police reports, Mr. Skoien was caught by his wife in his children's playroom with two prostitutes!

Nice move, bringing home a couple of working girls and having a tryst in the kids playroom! Apparently Mrs. Skoien was not amused and the diminutive woman, 5-foot-4-inches and 110-pounds, picked up an electric guitar and began walloping her husband for his indiscretion.

The police report says she also beat him with her fists, but how could you follow the scene with the electric guitar?

Mrs. Skoien spent two nights in jail before being released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond. I suspect after a jury hears this, and stops laughing, they might acquit her.

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