Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav Churns Towards The Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Gustav is spinning away from Haiti and into the warmer waters south of Cuba. According to the National Hurricane Center's projections it will re-strengthen into a Hurricane as it moves toward the Gulf of Mexico.

At present the projected track for the next 5 days shows Gustav moving into the gulf just south of Cuba and then turning slightly north. The projected path puts it on a collision course with New Orleans. If it follows the predictions, and a 5 day forecast on a hurricane is not very precise, it would make landfall within a couple of days of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. More ironic would be that President Bush is scheduled to speak at the Republican Convention that same day.

The potential for another disaster is increased by the fact that repairs to the levees in New Orleans are still in progress and they have not been strengthened sufficiently to withstand another catastrophic hurricane. I am hoping the people of New Orleans are fllowing the progress of Gustav and that State and Federal agencies will be able to aid if evacuation is needed.

Gustav has already proven to be a killer as there are reports of at least 22 people dead in its wake. The storm was moving off the coast of Haiti Wednesday afternoon.

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