Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary Takes A Cheap Shot During Debate - Looks Really Bad!

I was watching the CNN Democratic Debate tonight wondering if Hillary or Barack would stumble, and I just saw Hillary trip big time! In discussion of the “controversy” over Obama’s alleged plagiarism, Hillary took a hard swipe at him by saying he was offering not “change you can believe in but change you could Xerox”. Reporters and Obama moaned at that remark, and well he should have. Until that point the discourse had been civil.

Hillary’s comment was trite and a cheap shot, and it made her look nasty and lowbrow. That can only play into the hands of people who would characterize her as “shrill” and “strident” both code words for the “B” word. She did herself no service with that cheap shot.

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Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton sounded like and looked like a programmed joke. The cheap shot was stale. It sounded written for her. It showed that is is not a big enough person to move on. When asked to describe "the moment in time that you were tested most", Obama was concrete. His response was that he has been tried and what he has gone through is what a lot of people can identify with. He showed that he came through his "tested" time in life and he is now prepared to help others as POTUS. I got it! Hillary provided no personal test that she, herself, has gone through. She answered that everyone knows what she has gone through and then she goes into someone else's suffering. She left what she has gone through to the imagination. What is she talking about? Her husband's infidelity 16 years ago? She mention the soldier having "his" face blown off. She rambled. The connection to the public people to tilt the scale for her was lost. Her having the last word gave the impression that the standing ovation was for her and what she said. It was just the end of the Debate!! No more debates are needed. The same things have been said over and over. Coming back to the table for cheap shots and coached words is a waste of time.