Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clinton Fingerprints All Over Obama Plagiarism Charges

Though the Clinton campaign quickly pointed to the press when charges that Obama had shared lines from speeches of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick it was the campaign that first posted clips on YouTube to highlight the similarities.

What Clinton Spins: "It's not us making this charge, it's the media," Clinton told Honolulu television station KITV Tuesday. "The media is finally examining my opponent which I think is important. We're trying to pick a president, someone for the toughest job in the world."

Fact Check: The New York Times reported the speech similarities Monday, having looked into them the day before. The Times story said the similarities "were highlighted by a rival campaign that did not want to be identified."

Seems like more of the same tricks Washington is filled with. More at Huffington Post.

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