Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Writer's Strike Heads Toward Ratings Sweeps!

The Writer’s strike is about to move into really deep territory. As the new year begins the networks are looking at a February sweeps (rating period) with no new programs other than more crappy reality stuff. I suspect they will have to give back to advertisers several billion in revenues de to unfulfilled ratings estimates.

It would seem to me the time to negotiate is now. After all, everyone knows distribution of content is moving toward the web and internet, also known as "new media". Well that is what the strike is over. The writers are not idiots, hey know as well as everyone else that new media will be the preferred distribution of the future, and naturally they want some of the action. It’s only fair! You pay royalties and points to writers for broadcast distribution, why not over the web?

As the inventory of new programs runs out just before the sweeps, I expect the networks and the producers will be more than willing to go back to the table and bargain. In the meantime, the AMPTP folks (producers & networks) are mounting expensive PR campaigns to persuade the public that they are innocent babes. Hah!

Nobody buys that guff, so why not just save the cash and start talking contracts? For me and everyone I know, we stand in solidarity with the WGA!

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