Friday, January 04, 2008

Pope Evicts Vatican Observatory

For the past 75 years the Castle Gandolfo, the Popes summer residence has been home to the Vatican observatory. Now, the telescopes and scientists are being evicted. Seems the Pope needs more room to receive diplomats.

Personally I think this marks a milestone in the relationship between science and the church. Formerly, there was a quest for knowledge, even in the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church. Now the new Pope brings his fundamentalist overtones to the Vatican. With that comes the end of intellectual curiosity.

The observatory will still exist, but it is being exiled to a convent far away from the Pope. More than a symbolic move, this just adds fire to the argument that Benedict XVI wants no part of real science. His speech affirming the bogus science of “Intelligent Design” was a big step away from real science.

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