Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's That Smell? Sewage On The Plane!

I find myself unable to refrain from making Samuel L. Jackson jokes with this one. I am reminded of his line in "Snakes on a Plane" where he say something to the effect, "I want these motherf***ing snakes off this motherf***ing plane!" Well substitute the word "turd" and it seems appropriate for Continental Airlines flight 71 from Amsterdam to Newark.

The lavatory apparently malfunctioned in a major way and raw sewage flowed down the aisle of the cabin. Now there is really unusual in-flight entertainment. Aside from the "Ewww" factor the malfunction earned passengers a $500 voucher for their inconvenience and loss of dignity.

The unfortunately named Continental spokesman Dave Messing said, "We deeply regret the serious inconvenience to our customers and are apologizing to them and compensating them for the poor conditions on the flight as well as the diversion and delay."

No shit! (Apologies for the crude language.)

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