Monday, June 18, 2007

Bush Pressures Hurricane Center Director - "Don't Bring Me No Bad News!"

The Bushies love to manipulate reality. In their latest attempt to change reality they are putting pressure on the Director of the National Hurricane Center after he protested the government spending a bundle on a publicity campaign instead of needed budgets for the centers forecasts and equipment. I guess Bush figures if we feel good about the Hurricane season, we won't have to have any warnings or real data. I smell them trying to set the director up for a termination.

Now, if you live in Florida or the Gulf Coast, remember Bush the next time a killer Hurricane comes along. If you voted for the bastard, remember how long it takes to get aid and how you may not have any warning if they penny pinch the budgets of the Hurricane Center. Better yet, join the move to impeach this criminal before he can do any more damage to our country!

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