Thursday, March 06, 2014

Time For A Gay Think Tank?

The idea the LGBT people are recruiting has never gone away.  Why?  I would guess it is a combination of just plain ignorance and fear that gay=predator.  First of all let me get this out there, of all the gay men and lesbians I know (and that’s a lot), none, repeat NONE are pedophiles.  Most, like me, find children charming in small doses.  As far as sexual attraction goes, no way!

So why does this myth persist?  Well our friends at the Family Research Council are one reason.  They continue to promote the idea that LGBT folks are all out there trolling for children.  Their “research” is completely false and not supported by any credible studies.  But, because they have the name “research” in their name, some believe them.

Maybe it’s time for an “LGBT Research Board”?  A think tank devoted to cranking out studies that dispute the crap FRC spews.   Even better, a serious policy group that creates and promotes progressive policies with regard to LGBT and sexual orientation matters in general.

Now I know there is the HRC and they do fine work, but they are not in the business of doing research, and a reputable source of studies and position papers on LGBT issues would be welcome in many places. 

Now, most of you know I work with the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance out of Washington DC.  Our organization does a lot of advocacy and policy work in the field of human rights.  Our overarching principal is “sexual freedom is a basic human right” a’d that is a pretty broad umbrella.  We concentrate on policy regarding sexual freedom issues, like free speech, sex education, LGBT rights and more, but we aren’t a think tank as such.

Maybe we will someday become one, or maybe we will spin one off as a separate entity, but until then there is a big gap to fill.  I urge graduate students and universities to think about doing some scientific work to reinforce the truth about the idea of “recruitment” and do some basic research into profiling real pedophiles. 
Until there is a critical mass of research and position papers available to lawmakers and advocates, we will continue to be frustrated by the bogus claims from the far right.

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Patrick Mulcahey said...

Hardy, I wonder if CARAS ( is well positioned for the work you have in mind?