Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays! Another Shooting!

A lone gunman walked into a busy mall near Portland, Oregon and opened fire.  He was carrying a high-powered assault rifle and began shooting people at random, creating chaos which ended with two victims dead as well as the shooter himself who took his own life.

Merry Fucking Christmas! 

Now, isn't it about time we had that discussion of gun control in our country or are we just keep going to let crazy people have guns?  Additionally, are we going to admit that being armed does not equal being safe.  There is a right to carry concealed arms in Oregon, yet no one "defended" him or herself against the shooter.  

Even police called to the scene did not shoot back, fearing accidentally killing more innocent bystanders.  That is why having a gun is not "protection".  even a skilled marksman would have a high probability of causing unintended deaths or injuries trying to defend against a wacko shooter like this.

Why do we continue to bow down to the National Rifle Association and the gun lobby whenever the idea of actually trying to control the number and availability of guns in this country?  Because politicians are cowards.  They are afraid of actually having to argue in favor of a civilized policy regarding handguns and assault rifles.  They are afraid of having to tell the truth, guns do kill people.

Do I sound angry?  Oh hell yes.  Year after year assault rifles and handguns spread death and destruction across our country and yet we refuse to even discuss it.  It's time to stop pretending that this is an issue of right to protection and self defense and call it what it is, a well orchestrated effort on behalf of gun manufacturers to keep selling armaments intended for the military to civilians.  It's not about the Second Amendment, it's about cash. So let's stop the charade and get down to brass tacks.  Time for a comprehensive gun policy in the US that is sane and sensible.

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dave smith said...

It's odd that many of the same legislators who do not want gun control would quickly enact laws against bdsm in a heartbeat!