Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Sincerity of Mitt Romney is Obvious in His Spray Tan

As almost everyone noted, Mitt Romney is really a chameleon.  In his notorious appearance in front of a Hispanic audience on Univision back in September drew a lot of criticism that he was doing "brown face".  His complexion mysteriously grew paler in recent appearances but the fact remains that he is getting the spray tan treatment to look less New England pasty. 

Now it's no secret that people on TV use makeup, but the whole spray tan thing raises what I think is a character issue. Mitt is trying to present a hip-healthy appearance that will appeal to younger voters, and it is not who he really is.  It's a symptom of his chameleon-like personality that adapts to what ever audience he is playing to.  Dark tan for Hispanic, whiter for the Mid-West. \

Much like his position on policies, he shifts constantly leaving the Salt Lake Tribune to wonder "which Romney is running for President".  They, a Utah conservative publication endorsed Obama!

The whole thing reveals Romney as the ultimate political animal, willing to do anything and say anything to get elected.  That is not what America needs from any party.  

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