Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TSA and the Growing Cream Cheese Threat

I had overlooked this little gem.  Seems TSA or at least some TSA agents now feel that cream cheese is uber-dangerous.  The story about a traveler who was bringing home bagels and cream cheese and had her cream cheese confiscated is another example of the TSA theater that is doing so much to convince us they are protecting us, without doing much to really protect the flying public.

Silly procedures like removing shoes is another example of the useless measures taken by TSA.  Adults have to remove shoes when traveling and have them screened.  Kids get a pass.  Why? 

And what about underwear?  The reason for shoe removal has been given as the thwarted "shoe-bomber" a few years ago.  We had an "underwear-bomber" too, but I don't see TSA demanding we remove undergarments before flying.  Why?  Because they know it doesn't matter.  The whole screening is a good thing, but the measures taken by TSA are not effective.  Time and time again news stories surface of people beating the security measures by doing something as simple as moving a metal object to their side instead of front pocket. 

And then there is the 3 ounce rule.  How does a zip lock plastic baggie provide any protection against some kind of chemical mischief in three containers under 3 ounces?  Mix them together and you have 9 ounces, is that a critical mass for something?  Nonsense. Why can I buy 12 ounce bottled drinks inside the airport?  Are you telling me every one of those is removed from it's container and analyzed prior to sale?

I do believe we need rational screening at airports, the bad guys have already shown us that, but the expensive machines that don't work and silly rules that are absolutely arbitrary do nothing to enhance our safety and just make the TSA and the whole program look foolish and annoying.

As I travel tomorrow, I feel pretty sure I will have to remove my belt and boots and who knows whatever before boarding the plane.  Does it make me feel safer?  Nope.  Because I know if someone with a nasty plan ends up getting all the way to the airport, they are more likely to be stopped by the passengers than TSA.  Check the records, the last few major plots were foiled by passengers not official security and that is both comforting and disturbing.

Pleasant flights!

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Gadfly said...

A few years ago, I brought home two five-pound blocks of Cheddar from the Bay Area; one was on carry-on. (Trust me, if you loved cheese in general and Cheddar in particular, you'd lug some Vella home too.) Anywho, they shot my carry-on through the scanner a second time, and I realized why. Somebody assumed I might have a big brick of plastic explosive.