Thursday, March 22, 2012

European Court Of Human Rights Finds That Same-Sex Marriage Is Not A Human Right

This is absolutely stunning in it's prejudice and short sightedness.  Ruling against same-sex marriage the court used as it's basis, "if gay couples are allowed to marry, any church that offers weddings will be guilty of discrimination if it declines to marry same-sex couples."

Once again the sticky subject of marriage being a religious institution gets in the way.  When will governments get out of the marriage business and start conducting civil unions for everyone for legal reasons and let churches do the marrying part? 

That was a rhetorical question, of course.  So far, only a few governments have understood the distinction between religious institutions and civil ones. Until then LGBT people will be officially treated as second-class citizens in Europe and most of the rest of the world.  This must be appealed.

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SmMstr said...

If the church could actually stop pretending that it is any kind of dispenser of human rights, then maybe the government can actually stop ceding to pressure from the religous primitives and do it's job,making sure that all people have equal protection under the law.