Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get Ready for John Carter! VIDEO

I am a big fan of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian Novels. The first, "A Princess of Mars" was the inspiration for the new Disney movie, "John Carter".  The marketing geniuses at Disney apparently thought actually using the real book title would interfere with their whole "princess" franchise and for some inexplicable reason dropped the word "Mars" from the title (originally John Carter of Mars).  Now the marketing of the movie is adrift in a sea of effects shots that don't really give any idea what to expect.

Luckily, this fan-made trailer constructed from bits and pieces of footage available online is GREAT!  If the movie lives up to this trailer, not only will I see it but it will be in my Blu-Ray collection before the year is over.

So, OK, forget what you know about Mars and reality, this is a different timeline and it will sweep you away.  WATCH!

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