Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tennessee Legislature Tries To Encourage Transphobia

As though Tennessee wasn't tied with the backwoods mentality race with Texas and Oklahoma with regard to LGBT rights, now Republican Senator Bo Watson is introducing a Bathroom Bill (SB 2282) which will make it illegal for transgender people to use public restrooms unless they use the ones that match their birth identity.

So if you are a transwoman, you have to use the Men's restroom which will automatically cause a ruckus and most likely lead to either arrest or getting beat up.  Once again institutionalizing violence against LGBT people. 

This also makes it really tough on companies with trans-inclusive policies.  Like retailer, Macy's and others.

For the life of me I don't understand what difference it makes if a transman or transwoman uses the rest room of the gender they present as.  These crazy people need to get over their bigotry and get on with really important legislation like cleaning up mining and toxic waste sites, or maybe finding ways to create jobs?

More here on Think Progress.

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