Thursday, February 10, 2011

Worst Argument Against Gay Marriage Ever

Robert Broadus Testimony on SB 116 against gay marriage in the Maryland legislature is perhaps the worst I have ever seen. He goes from Android Marriage to claiming that the stars in the flag represent Jesus. This guy is a real head case. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

And here is the best argument FOR Gay Marriage ever:

19-year-old student 'Zach Wahls' Defends Gay Marriage To Iowa Legislators

richard h.
fort worth, texas, usa

LOS said...

He mentions about looking at science. There ARE species out there that kill their mates; should we be able to do the same? Yeah, ok! Also, there are species that rely on another species to keep them clean, or take care of them. There are species where the male takes care of the baby, while mom leaves, should be we the same? This guy is a nut job.

Ancestors? Really? There are tribes where young boys have oral sex with their elders as a rite of passage. Then they continue it as they get older -
Look it up: Etoro tribe rituals.

The Romans had sex in bath houses. Back in the day people had anal sex to remain "pure" until they were married; why aren't these things ever mentioned?

When was the day a straight man DECIDED to be straight? Exactly, we are born the way we're born; let it go.