Friday, December 16, 2011

Mississippi Family-Values Mayor Comes Out as Gay

As I have said before it's hardly news anymore when a politician who ran on a platform of "family values" (code for anti-gay) gets outed.  So here's the latest in the ongoing string of hypocrites who have hidden their sexual identity to further their political career.

Greg Davis, Mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, a man who ran on the old family values platform has been discovered with his hand in the cookie jar, or perhaps the lube jar.  He was already under investigation for spending city funds for things ranging from exorbitant liquor purchases to lavish dinners.  Seems this investigation turned up a recipt from a store in Toronto, Canada where the mayor was on a recruitment trip.  The store, Priape, is a first rate gay sex shop that I have visited on several occasions.  Lots of nifty toys, and tons of leather!

So now the mayor decides to come clean, so to speak.  He holds a news conference where he admits to being gay and then says he will continue to govern the city and spend time with his family.  I suspect that family time would be as interesting as an episode of "Real Housewives of Southaven". (although he is now divorced from his wife of 19 years) 

It is really sad that people like Greg decide to hide their sexuality to advance their political career, only to be embroiled in this kind of crap.  Had he been open about it, he might not have been mayor, but he would also have not deceived a town, his family and friends.  He might have had a happy life and maybe even been successful in politics...albeit in another state.

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ictF1 said...

I would even postulate that had he been able to balance the budget, improve services, cut taxes and grown the economy no one would have cared.
But seriously, I can't even conceive of standing wholeheartedly against who I was. I face this problem every so often on the gay marriage issue. The vast majority of my crowd that I run with are against. I tell them fine, I would never support a measure that "forces" you or your congregation to marry "anyone" that you don't want to marry, but, with marriage as a "state" endorsed contract that changes your legal and financial status in the eyes of that state, how can you prevent it? They don't see the "conservative" contradiction that they adhere to.