Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tennessee High School Principal Assaults Student for Wearing Pro-Gay T-Shirt

I guess this must be another example of good ol' family values in Tennessee. A 17 year old student was assaulted and verbally abused by his high school principal for wearing a shirt supporting the attempt to establish a Gay-Straight Alliance on campus.

Chris Sigler, a student at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee has enlisted the ACLU for help in the matter. Sigler wore a homemade T-shirt to school that said "GSA: We've Got Your Back".  According to a statement by the ACLU, the following assault was the result.
A teacher ordered Sigler to cover up the shirt in the future. Sigler, knowing he had a right to wear the shirt, wore it again Friday, and resisted an order to remove the shirt. Sigler says that Moser then ordered all students out of the classroom, except for Sigler’s sister Jessica, who refused to leave. According to both students, Moser then grabbed Sigler’s arm, shoved him, and chest-bumped him repeatedly while asking “Who’s the big man now?” Sigler’s mother reported that when she arrived at the school, she saw her son seated in a desk with Moser leaning over him and shouting in Sigler’s face. The Siglers filed a report about the incident that afternoon with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.
 Guess Tennessee is still waiting for the "It Gets Better" campaign to have an effect?  I single out Tennessee, because my maternal roots are from that state and it seems that all states beginning with the letter "T" in this country are about as bigoted and backward as can be.  For the record, I live in Texas!

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