Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tomorrow is Sexual Freedom Day

Sept 23, 2011 is Sexual Freedom Day.  So what does that mean? 

Well here is some background.  I am a board member of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, a non-profit human rights group founded on the principal that sexual freedom is a basic human right.  That means all people should have the following:
  • Freedom to express their unique sexuality.
  • Open and unrestricted access to accurate sexual education and health information.
  • Freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies.
  • Freedom to enjoy sexual dignity, privacy and consensual sexual expression.
  • Freedom to express sexuality free from censorship, & irrational governmental policies regarding obscenity and indecency.
This is the start of what could be a long list but the point is we as a nation need to start looking at our sexuality as part of the human rights agenda.  To try to separate it is to become  bogged down in an existence of cognitive dissonance, where we try to keep separate our sexuality and the rest of our lives.  To live a full life it all has to be integrated and that means personally and in society at large.

Our nation has taken adolescent approach to sex for too long.  It is time we grew up and started being frank and honest in our discussions of sexuality and human rights. Part of the foundations mission is to provide a safe space for that discussion.

To learn more about Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance check out our website

Now what can you do for Sexual Freedom Day?  Well for starters try discussing the concept with friends.  Without dialogue, we will remain mired in our old ways and as far as sexuality is concerned, I don't want to remain an adolescent.  Come and grow up America!  Life is much more fun and fulfilling as an adult.

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