Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Frustration Without Focus

After trying to get a handle on the Occupy Wall Street protests I find I am at a loss to understand exactly what these people are protesting. I personally think the current state of Corporate America is badly broken and the folks on Wall Street are merely the super-wealthy making side-bets in the casino. The frustration the protesters feel, the being diss-empowered and cogs in a big machine they have no control over is palpable, but their message is so scattered it is not getting through to the media.

If they want to really have an effect they need to pick one big grievance that everyone can get behind and jettison the hangers on and distractions.  They need to look more like a popular revolt and less like a neo-hippy street fair.

I support the idea that we need to stop the kind of corporate looting of our economy that has gone on for the last 30+ years, but changing that will take more than buskers and students who can't express a clear concise vision for the protest.

Remember folks, America suffers from societal ADD, and unless you can encapsulate your message into a sound bite, it will be lost.


Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I agree, pick one grievence people. Otherwise it becomes diluted.

Tyler said...

Everyone has a voice and should be heard.