Thursday, July 07, 2011

Political Fundraising. Obama Raking It In - GOP Trickling Down.

From the number of fundraising calls I get, I can tell you that President  Obama has his reelection campaign in full swing. Hardly a week goes by that I don't receive a letter or call from the campaign. Add to that the regular fundraising for the DNC and it's pretty easy to tell that the Democrats are cranking the cash machine at full speed.

Meanwhile, over at the GOP/Tea Party things are not so smooth. With a field of a dozen or so candidates it's hard for any one person to raise the massive amounts of cash needed to mount a campaign against an incumbent. The Republican front runner, Mitt Romney pulled in a cool $18 million in the first quarter, but the GOP itself is bogged down in $18.5 million in debt.

Add to that a recent poll that showed 60% of probable voters said they were entirely or somewhat comfortable with a Mormon candidate.  And that kind of information can only be disheartening to both Romney and Huntsman (the other Mormon presidential candidate).

I know it will be a tough election cycle and I am somewhat confident that President Obama will win reelection but I have to wonder what the GOP will pull from its bag of tricks to level the playing field?  One thing is certain, it won't be Sarah Palin!

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