Thursday, July 28, 2011

News Corp Still Under Scrutiny - This Time FBI

Attorney General Eric Holder will meet with families of 9/11 victims to discuss the possible hacking of their deceased loved one's phones voice messages.  According to a story in the Guardian:
"The allegation that News of the World reporters attempted to gain unauthorized access to victims' voice mails was made in an article in the Mirror earlier this month. The paper said the journalists had approached a former New York police officer working as a private detective and asked him to do the hacking, which he declined to do....
Title 18 USC section 1030, barring unauthorized access to protected computers, could also be invoked in relation to the mainframe computers on which the phone companies store voice mails."
 Should any of these allegations hold true, the whole of News Corps business in the US may be affected.  Advertisers will be loathe to associate their products with Fox News or any other News Corp entity. 

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