Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GLAAD Resignation Exposes a Mole?

As GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios resigned under pressure Saturday, the organization discovered another tie to ATT.  Barrios released statements supporting AT&T and it proposed merger with T-Mobile.  Clearly issues outside the scope of the organization.  As the story broke and more scrutiny was directed at GLAAD and its board, another member was caught in the spotlight.

Troup Coronado,  former AT&T executive and current GLAAD board member has some suspicious ties to the virulently anti-gay Heritage Foundation.  Coronado also sat on as many as four other LGBT rights organization boards including the Equality California Institute, and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Not surprisingly each of these organizations sent letters to the FCC in the recent "net-neutrality" hearings supporting AT&T's position.  The letters have since been retracted.

Coronado would seem to be what in the world of espionage called a "mole".  Someone who burrows deep into an organization and uses their position to gather information and to steer the organization surreptitiously.

The idea of someone from the Heritage Foundation deep in the hearts of several LGBT groups is disturbing.  The incident calls into question the vetting of board members for LGBT groups and in general makes the right-wing look a heck of a lot more nefarious than before.

Make no mistake, groups like Heritage Foundation are not just folks with differing opinions, they are outright enemies and cannot be trusted or ignored. Additionally, donations from big businesses can be just as corrupting an influence on LGBT groups as they are on politicians.

UPDATE: Latest news is that at least 6 board members of GLAAD have resigned as the scandal grows.

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