Sunday, June 26, 2011

Echos of the Rainbow Lounge - NY Police Harass Gay Bars During Pride

Even as New Yorkers were celebrating the new freedom to marry, regardless of sexual orientation, the NY Police Departmet were conducting "inspections" of local gay bars.  At the NY Eagle, patrons reported police enterig the bar and shining flashlights in patrons eyes and ended up charging the bar with 6 counts of violations, all of which seem very tenuous.

Charges of "unnecessary noise" as well as charging the bar with not having a "public assembly " permit because of the crowd seem really lame to me.  The timing could not have been accidental and just like the harassment at the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth, I suspect the police knew it was the start of Gay Pride week and thought they would just go out and "harass some queers".

More here from the New York Times.

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