Friday, March 25, 2011

Fukushima - All Fukued Up

The story just keeps getting worse.  The crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power plant in Japan may now have a broken reactor vessel leaking radioactive material.  This was determined after several workers at the plant waded through a pool of water with 10,000 times higher than normal radiation levels.  The workers are now hospitalized and under observation.

Meanwhile the Japanese government has expanded the evacuation zone from 12 to 19 miles.  Even this seems far to close, since the US government is warning its citizens to stay at least 50 miles from the reactor.  Experts have urged Japan to expand the evacuation zone for several days and only now are they taking heed.

Though the reactors and the crisis have faded from the headlines here in the US, the situation is still very critical and bears watching.

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Prasad said...

Japan is suffering with radiation now which is the worlds biggest issue. All over the World is now watching how Japan will recover from the earthquake and tsunami & terror of nuclear power plants. Now this the situation all of us (World Countries and its leaders) should help Japan as quickly as possible. We all need to generate the power with the other resources like thermal, solar energy so we need to forget to build Nuclear Power Plants. They are very dangerous.