Tuesday, December 07, 2010

GOP Backed Subsidy for Millionaires Disguised as Tax Cuts

So even as the Republicans are spouting blather about deficits, they are behind the extension of the immensely expensive subsidy for millionaires that has come to be called the Bush Tax Cuts.  The Democrats have relented in opposing these because the GOP held unemployment benefits hostage until the subsidies were extended.

Meanwhile they will rail about spending and deficits while creating an even bigger hole to dig out of.  I sincerely expect they are planning to get the nation so deeply in debt that the only way out will be to cut all Social Security and Medicare to make ends meet.  The GOP is relentless and they will do anything to get their way, and they hate both programs, even though the American people love and need them.

The GOP is a party of the rich, by the rich and for the rich and don't believe them when they say anything different.  They will talk about class warfare and how bad it is, but they have already won the class war.  All of us are working and paying taxes to support the wealthy of this country and it's getting worse.

Meanwhile the Democrats try to reason and negotiate with the Republicans.  It hasn't worked in the past decade why should it work now? 

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