Monday, June 21, 2010

Dismal Forecast for Texas Education - A State Full of "Idjits"

Sad state of affairs here in the Lone Star State.  According to a recent demographic forecast, we will have 3 of every 10 workers with no high school diploma by 2040.  Add that to the rising levels of poverty and you have whats called a "feedback loop".  Poor kids can't get an education and they raise more poor kids who can't afford an education....well you get the idea.

So far our state lawmakers have failed to step up to the plate and do anything about rising poverty and falling education except insist on testing and bellyache about welfare.  That won't cut it anymore.  It's time to actually do something.  Like support preschool education, fund more scholarships for higher education and make "learning" a priority, not "testing".

Yea, like that will happen.  Meanwhile as we slide into becoming a 3rd world country in this state maybe we could build a few assembly plants that require unskilled and uneducated workers cause the Burger Kings can only employ so many folks!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, not only is Texas a state full of "Idjits", the Texas GOP has made it clear that homosexuals should go to prison.

Read this article:

"Texas GOP Official Platform Calls for Imprisonment of Homosexuals and Supportive Heterosexuals"

richard h.

fort worth, texas, usa