Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Crime - Flying While Fat!

OK, everyone has heard about actor Kevin Smith's recent kerfuffle with Southwest Airlines. The air carrier tossed him from a flight because they said he was too big to fit in the seat. Smith claims he was in the seat and buckled in securely when they ousted him.

It was a PR nightmare for Southwest, but it raises an interesting question. First, if yo know me you know I am not skinny. When I fly I purposely try to avoid Southwest because the seats are cramped and you can't reserve a seat. Mostly, I fly American Airlines since I can often get an upgrade with my advantage miles. (Though I have some beefs with AA mainly related to their rotten "on-time" schedule)

Now since much of America is growing, and I mean in the waistline department, it would seem silly to alienate an entire class of flying customer. I have to wonder if airlines wouldn't be advised to pull a few rows out and make larger seats for FF's (fat fliers). I for one would pay more for the comfort, though not as much as the exorbitant first class seats.

Just an idle observation. Meanwhile, Kevin Smith has challenged Southwest to bring their seats to the Daily Show where he will face the challenge of sitting and bucking himself in. If he fails he has pledged $10,000 to the charity of their choice.

For those long flights, like overseas, I use this trick. I book the seats well in advance and get the lowest rate possible, then book three seats so my partner and I can relax with the seat rests up and never feel cramped. Not that much more expensive and feels like First Class without the china and glassware.

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