Monday, January 04, 2010

Co-conspirators in Ugandan Genocide

Three advocates of the widely discredited practice of "curing" homosexuals spoke in Uganda and are being implicated as part of the motivation for the new anti-homosexual laws there.

Scott Lively, Caleb Lee Brundidge and Don Schmierer all spoke at a conference attended by thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and national politicians. Today, they are all trying to distance themselves from the issue, but luckily the press is keeping the ties crystal clear. The far-right fundamentalists fuled the hatred in Uganda and as the saying goes they are "inheriting the wind."

From a story in the New York Times, a minister who attended the conference states:

“What these people have done is set the fire they can’t quench...."

Mr. Kaoma was at the conference and said that the three Americans “underestimated the homophobia in Uganda” and “what it means to Africans when you speak about a certain group trying to destroy their children and their families.”

“When you speak like that,” he said, “Africans will fight to the death.”

These rabble rousers must be held accountable for what they are doing on foreign soil. If they were Muslim, they would be called terrorists.

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