Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sen. Dan Inouye Favors Rape!

Yes, now a Democrat has moved toward the Pro Rape camp and seems to be wanting to remove the Franken amendment from the Defense Appropriation Bill. That is the amendment that would alloy victims of "gang Rape" to sue their employers when they were raped on the job. Specifically it's about Halliburton, no surprise there.

Seems Senator Inouye has been getting pounded by defense lobbyists who are trying to convince him that allowing employees who were raped on the job to sue would hurt their contracts. Good, they should provide adiquate security to insure that doesn't happen. Every other company in America would be liable for that kind of thing, but because Halliburton is a defense contractor they get a pass to put a "don't sue us" clause in their contract for employees.

So, I encourage you to write the Senator from Hawaii about this or call his office and encourage him to defend American's right to a safe workplace and vote for the Franken Amendment.

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neemie said...

Actually Halliburton is only one of thousands of American companies most of them not Military contractors who force employees to sign binding arbitration contracts. I was made to sign one 5 years ago effectively allowing my company do virtually anything they want to me without consequence. Binding arbitration nulls and voids your constitutional rights.