Thursday, December 03, 2009

Uganda Be Kidding Me!

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Phyllis Guest said...

Thanks for the heads-up in the DV. Here's the e-mail I just sent to Hutchison and Cornyn. I sent the same to Sessions, adding a note about the need for his beloved "accountability and transparency."

E-mails' headline: Uganda's ugly initiative

Uganda now punishes homosexuality quite harshly. A law newly proposed would go farther, condemning all HIV+ gay men (and presumably women) to death. Others who know of but protect them would also be punished.

This new law is supported by "The Family" — as you know, a C Street group who proclaim themselves Christians and use US money to evangelize abroad.

These are your fellow Republicans. They are acting in a most reprehensible manner. I ask that you speak to them privately and speak out against them publicly.

And that you do so NOW.