Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mayan Calendars & UFOs

As the opening day of the new disaster movie 2012 nears, the internet is abuzz with pseudo-science! Talk of the end of the world abounds and yet it is nothing new. Back in 1844 a guy named William Miller claimed that Jesus was coming back and he knew the exact date. October 22, 1844!

Thousands of his wide eyed followers gathered for the second coming and waited with breathless anticipation. The next morning brought disappointment, yet Miller continued to wait for Jesus until his death several years later. That event "the great disappointment" actually gave birth to the Adventist movement and eventually the 7th Day Adventist Church.

Maybe a new church will form in 2013?

The Mayan calendar is segmented into cycles and one does end in 2012, but another begins immediately following that.

Other crackpots claim a planetary alignment will throw the earth off kilter or some such crap. According to NASA, don't hold your breath. Once again it's a load of hooey, but this time it's being exploited for profit by writers and movie makers instead of religious zealots.

So have fun at the movie and sleep well knowing that we have a much better chance of destroying ourselved with our weapons and carbon emissions than we do of an apocalypse in 2012.

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