Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paris Fashion Week, Ugly Is The New Style!

I have long believed that the "great" designers of men's and women's fashion are on crack, but now I have proof. The latest "trends" from Paris Fashion Week are beyond ugly. The men walking down the runway looked like someone hated them and made them wear the crap that adorned their near perfect but scrawny bodies

Hugo Boss was about the only designer that had anything close to attractive, and the abomination by John Galliano looked like someone ran over Carmen Miranda and then put the carnage on the guys heads.

Of course you will never hear this from a fashion critic. If they told the truth they would never be invited back and therefore, no career.

Take a look and please comment back on what you see.

And let's not forget the ladies! The latest for them is what I could call "blade runner meets Ringling Brothers". These designers really must hate women in a BIG way.

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