Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ashcroft Smears Obama With "Accidental" Osama Remark

I won’t be blogging much today. Storm chasing with my partner in southern Oklahoma. If we get video or pics, I’ll post them tonight.

Just saw a report where our old friend, John Ashcroft made an alleged mistake at a speech at Skidmore College. He called Senator Barack Obama, “Osama”. This is a purposeful mistake being done by conservatives to subliminally make the connections with not only the terrorist but with the notion that Obama is somehow “foreign”.

The trick was recognized by the audience at the college and they jeered Ashcroft when he did it. Glad students are not fooled by these stealth attacks!


Anonymous said...

When Ted Kennedy made the same refernce what was his motive? I am very suspicious of him and I know he's up to something too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I see many people blaming this kind of thing on 'cons' but giving Kennedy a pass for making the same mistake.

Do you see any hypocrisy in this at all?

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy gets a pass :(