Sunday, August 20, 2006

CNN Features Really Scary Graphics! Are You Afraid Now?

Booga, booga, booga! There are you afraid now? No? How about this? Terror, terrorists, living in your neighborhood, on your street, NEXT DOOR!!!! Afraid now?

No? Then you are like most Americans. You aren't buying it anymore. Yes there are terrorists out there and they are probably in the country already, they were on 9/11 and the will be in the future. Should we cower in fear and let the Bush administration take away more rights? Hell no.

That is the opinion of most people in this country and it shows in the lack of gain in Bush’s approval ratings after the British terror plot was foiled. Even after the spate of non-news reports of planes stopping to unload delusional passengers, and mistaken bomb sniffing dogs in Italy. There will be terrorists until our policies change and most folks know that.

Now CNN joins Faux News in trying to scare people. Their new TERROR 2.0 banners are almost ludicrous in their obvious pandering to fear. You have to wonder who is feeding them this crap.

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