Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Bohemians - The Party (part 2)

Kurt sipped his 7Up and caught his breath.

"It's kind of overwhelming the first time, isn't is?" Rudy was watching Kurt's reaction.

"That obvious I'm new, huh?"

"Everybody starts somewhere." Rudy replied. "It's not like they teach this stuff in school."

Kurt found Rudy's words comforting. "I just know I have so much to learn, and no idea where to begin."

Rudy looked at his watch. "I get off my bar tending shift in ten minutes, I'd be happy to help show you the ropes, so to speak."

Kurt laughed. "I thought you guys were supposed to be all severe and unapproachable?"

"That's just our PR you've been listening to. We can be a real friendly crowd once we get to know you." Rudy laid his hand on Kurt's leg.

Kurt breathed a sigh of relief.  "Well, it's good to get to know you, Rudy."

Rudy squeezed Kurt's thigh and then got back up as a couple of members arrived.

Kurt walked back into the dungeon and moved through the darkened space, taking in each scene that was unfolding before him.  The spotlights on the equipment highlighted the men using it and gave an almost theatrical look to the room.  Kurt realized that there were elements of theater in the activities he saw.  After all, it was in reality just a big warehouse, but the music, the lighting and the extreme activities changed it into whatever the people playing together imagined.

They could be in a prison, being roughed up by a hunky guard, or a medieval dungeon being tortured by a grand Inquisitor.  It was real and physical, but it was also a fantasy and it was a fantasy that had his cock straining at the fabric of his jock.

Kurt felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to face Rudy.

"So, where would you like to begin?"  Rudy's hand had moved from Kurt's shoulder to his waist and then lower, rubbing gently over the fabric of his jeans.

Kurt enjoyed the attention, and from a good looking guy like Rudy, even more so.

"I didn't bring any equipment."

Rudy turned Kurt towards him.  He reached down and took both his hands in his.  Lifting them he said, "you brought these, and I can think of a lot of things the can do."
Kurt smiled at him, his eyes sparkling in the dim ambient light.

Rudy continued, "so I was thinking these big hands might be just the thing my ass needs tonight."

"You mean fisting?"

Rudy grinned, "not tonight, I am not cleaned out.   Was thinking more of a bare-hand bare-assed spanking.  Always gets my motor going."

Something in Kurt suddenly switched on.  The suggestion and his already aroused state caused a shift in his attitude. He went from being the shy newcomer to a more assertive man with definite plans for the hunky boy in front of him.  He pulled Rudy into a passionate kiss.

"Let's find a spot," Kurt whispered, "I want to make your ass glow!"

Rudy pulled Kurt deeper into the warehouse and found a vacant bench.

"I want you to turn my ass red, Sir."  Rudy was already shedding his clothes.

Kurt was already excited, but hearing Rudy call him "Sir" really got to him. He liked it and he slipped into the role easily.

"Since this is the first time we've played," Rudy said, "I'll let you know what is working for me and what is not.  Is that suitable to you, Sir?"

"That's just fine, boy."  The words formed before Kurt could even think about them.

Kurt straddled the bench and pulled Rudy toward him.  Rudy's thick cock was already firm as Kurt positioned him over his knee.  Rudy reached down holding Kurt's leg pushing forward so his ass was at the right position for Kurt to spank it.

After rubbing the smooth skin of Rudy's butt, Kurt gave it a few light smacks.

"Don't be afraid to get heavier, Sir.  My ass is made of leather!"

Kurt took the cue and began slapping each cheek of Rudy's ass one after the other alternating left and right. Rudy squirmed on Kurt's knee, his hard cock pressed against his leg.

"How's that feeling, boy?"

"Getting better and better, Sir."
Kurt slowed his pace but increased his force, cupping his palm slightly so each swat made a resounding pop.  Though it was not well lit, he could already see the red handprints showing up on Rudy's pale ass.

"Aw damn that feel good, Sir," Rudy moaned.  His voice was more raspy and his breathing was faster.

Kurt was loving this.  He continued spanking Rudy but occasionally paused to feel the heat coming from his skin. Rudy's hands were busy as well, one held onto Kurt's leg for support but the other was caressing the hard bulge in Kurt's jeans.

Kurt began stroking Rudy's legs and thighs before each slap, sweeping up to his butt and then smacking down hard of each cheek.  He liked the idea of a caress followed by the hard swat.  Rudy's moans let him know he liked it, too.  His hard cock was also liking it, leaking precut all over Kurt's knee.

"You like this, boy?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Good, me too!"  Kurt chuckled, but now his laugh had a sexy quality he had never known before.

Rudy was writhing and bucking and Kurt intuitively knew he was near a stopping point.  He paused and held Rudy firmly on his knee.  He ran his hand across Rudy's glowing ass and trailed down to his legs. Reaching between them he pulled Rudy's throbbing cock back where he could stroke it.

"Oh thank you, Sir." Rudy was really enjoying it. "Permission to thank you properly, Sir?"

Kurt had an inkling as to what would follow, so he pulled Rudy up, and gently lowered him to the floor where he knelt between Kurt's legs.
"You go right ahead and thank me however you want, boy."

And Rudy did.  He swiftly unbuttoned Kurt's jeans and fished his hard dick out through he fly.  Like a hungry animal he devoured his cock, sucking it all the way into his throat.

"Damn, boy!" Kurt had never gotten a blow job like this one before.

Rudy was an artist with his mouth, and his tongue was swirling around the head of Kurt's cock with each stroke.  In no time, Kurt felt the familiar stirring below his balls.

"I'm gonna cum, boy!"

Ruddy pulled off just long enough to speak, "I'm counting in it, Sir!"
With that he dove back onto Kurt's shaft as he shot a stream of hot semen directly into Rudy's throat.  He held Rudy's head while his orgasm receded. Then he released him and bent down to kiss his cum soaked lips.

Rudy broke the kiss and breathlessly spoke, "you are a natural, Sir!"

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