Friday, April 18, 2014

Chapter 1 - The Bohemians

(At the encouragement of a few folks on Facebook I have decided to start trying my hand at fiction. This is going to be a serial, and I am not sure where it will go, but something in me needs the creative outlet.  If you enjoy it, let me know.  If you hate it, let me know that as well.  All the events and characters in this work are fictional....maybe.)

The Bohemians

It's amazing what a guy will do for a back patch on his leather vest.

It's not just a patch, it announces to everyone in the community that you have arrived, you are part of it, you are a player.  At least that is what having the club insignia for the Bohemians meant to Kurt.  It would be his ticket to not just the leather scene, but a way to get the respect he had always sought but never seemed to be able to command.  The question was would he be able to cut it?

It's not like Kurt just woke up one day and said to himself, "I think I'll join the most notorious and secretive gay leather club in the country'.  It was something that was gradual and it had been building ever since he was a teenager.  He had gotten hold of a stash of old Honcho and Drummer magazines and the fiction and pictorials fired his fantasies from that time forward.  Something about the masculine men and the rough sex just struck a chord that resonated all the way from his crotch to his brain. 

He had run across the Bohemians at a leather bar one night. They were having some kind of fund raising event and out on the club's deck the members stood around smoking cigars and carousing.  They seemed like an unintimidating group until one of them grabbed a young guy and slammed him against the deck fence.

"You gonna just watch us all night or do you want to get 'involved'?"

The slim blond mumbled something from the fence, his face pressed against it. 

"I didn't hear that, boy."

"Yes sir, I want to get involved."

The other club members laughed and gathered around as the young man was pulled away from the fence.

The man who was holding him wore a badge that said his name was Max.  He spoke into the boys ear in a sinister whisper, "well, here is what being involved means, boy".  With that he turned the young blond to face him directly.

"You will address me and any other club brother as 'sir' unless otherwise instructed."

The boy nodded, "yes, Sir."

"You will take every bit of whatever I dish out, unless you think it will do permanent harm to you or you think it is unsafe.  At which time you will let me know by asking permission to speak."

"I understand Sir."

"You will treat my brothers the same as me, but know I will not only be in control of you, I will be your protector.  Understand?"

The boy nodded.  "Yes, Sir"

With that, Max turned the boy back around and slammed him against the fence again.  He grabbed the waistband of the boy's jeans and jerked them down exposing his nicely rounded ass. 

"Aw damn, fellas!  Look at that cute butt!"

The crowd moved closer, blocking Kurt's view.  He heard them cheering and generally encouraging whatever was going on between Max and the boy.  That's when he heard the sound of a leather belt slapping skin.


It was follow by a muffled whimper and then another slap.

Kurt hesitated to move too close for fear of being drawn into the scene, but he couldn't turn away and listened as time after time the belt struck the skin of the boy's ass.  It seemed to go on for a long time, but with each slap he felt his own cock getting harder and harder in his jeans.  This was a fantasy right out of Drummer, except that it was happening live and just a few feet away.

Finally the sounds ceased and the Bohemians erupted into applause.  They moved back a bit and Kurt saw the boys ass, stripped with bright red whelps, just before he dropped to his knees in front of Max.
He buried his face in Max's crotch and energetically licked his bulge through the faded Levi's. 

Max looked down and pulled the boy's face away from his pants.  "Now that is what I call involvement!"

The boy smiled up at him. 

"Save some of that for later," Max chuckled, "you will get your reward back at the clubhouse."

Kurt finished his beer and moved back into the crowded bar.  His cock straining at his jeans and his imagination fueled with images of what was in store once Max and the boy were in the privacy of the clubhouse. 

This was what he wanted: the energy, the passion and the hot, raw masculinity on display.  Wrap it in leather and it was the whole package.  From that night he  knew he wanted to be one of those men.

( be continued.)


Elizabeth Lister said...

Love it! Very hot :) Just watch your POV - you switched from third person to first person a couple of times. But the scene itself was great and very sexy and I like the way you talk about the masculine energy. I can feel it.

Hardy Haberman said...

Thanks Elizabeth, fixed that. I changed the tense throughout and missed a couple of spots.